In Tempo: December changelog

Jan 30, 2023
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Maggie Lin
Product Marketing

Welcome to the first In Tempo of 2023! Last week, we had the entire team together in San Francisco - it’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown since our last offsite and to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and what’s ahead.

We’re energized to continue building a product that makes billing less painful and grateful to work with a team that has a ton of fun together (ask us our thoughts on The Princess Bride, decadent cakes, and mullets). Also, if you know folks interested in new opportunities, we're hiring!. 

What’s new 

See Stripe invoice status in the Metronome UI and API

We now sync invoice status changes from Stripe into Metronome. You can see the status in the Metronome UI or as part of the response when you fetch invoices from our API.  This highly requested feature helps us continue to serve as the billing source-of-truth for our customers.

With this feature, you’ll now have: 

  • A better record of customer history that’s easy to navigate and reference.
  • The ability to ping our API to see what the invoice status is and use it for downstream operations like dunning. 

Read more in our docs here.

Stripe invoice status in Metronome UI

Easily pull customer data with new API endpoints

  • List billable metrics allows you to list all billable metrics associated with a customer’s current plan. See docs here
  • Get customer by ingest alias. Easily look up if a customer exists in Metronome. See docs here
  • Get customer by Metronome ID. Quickly find customer details using a customer's Metronome ID. See docs here

Fixes and improvements 


  • We invested in upgrading and optimizing some components in our data layer, resulting in lower overall latency and higher overall success rate in our UI and API.

Documentation updates 

  • Added search to our docs site.
  • Added docs on Status codes Metronome uses to indicate whether an API request was successful or not. See docs here
  • Added docs on Security practices at Metronome. We share our fundamental principles and integration security guidelines. See docs here

Get in touch 

Enjoying our changelog? Have feedback on how we can improve it? We’d love to hear from you! To learn more about these features, get in touch with us here or reach out to your Growth representative.