The next generation of monetization: Why I joined Metronome

Jun 13, 2023
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Navid Zolfaghari

Before joining Metronome as the Head of Sales, I spent over 6 years at Branch Metrics, the top mobile linking and measurement platform. I led the Global Sales team and oversaw the company's growth from under $1M in revenue to more than $100M. During my time there, we experimented with several pricing and packaging models, but each time it proved to be an arduous process.  

Like many SaaS companies, pricing models at Branch were hard coded and testing different packages was difficult to track and more prone to error in a world where correctness was required. We lost winnable deals due to our system's rigidness and lack of pricing flexibility. 

When we tried testing a usage-based pricing model, we also hit operational challenges. As a business, we knew moving to a usage-based pricing model would give customers a lower barrier to entry and tightly align pricing to customer value received. This would translate to shortened deal cycles and give us a strong foundation to grow with customers over time. But moving to this model required rearchitecting how we tracked and managed billing and would be a huge lift from an engineering, sales operations, and finance perspective. 

I recently joined Metronome to take on this challenge—companies need more agility around pricing and packaging, and billing is the underlying infrastructure that enables the speed and flexibility to implement these changes. And with 3 out of 5 SaaS companies adopting usage-based pricing, companies need a billing platform that not only offers pricing and packaging flexibility, but also can ingest product usage events at high scale, apply pricing in real-time, and integrate with revenue workflows. 

Why I joined

Having experienced the challenges of agile pricing and packaging, I've been captivated by this space for years. I’ve seen firsthand how pricing changes can act as an accelerant for your business and also the impact changing your pricing has on the entire organization. Billing is a web of interconnected systems and adopting a usage-based model only adds to this complexity. 

Cross-functional teams, including Sales and Success, also depend on billing data to make business decisions and power operational workflows. With the rise of usage-based pricing, data about how customers use the product is both valuable and necessary–it’s the fuel for business growth. Your billing system becomes the central source of truth for real-time product usage and revenue data, putting billing the center of company operations.

The level of technical and cross-functional complexity that pricing and billing encompass is what drew me to Metronome. Throughout my career, I have consistently focused on solutions that impact multiple facets of an organization. When you’re solving a problem and pain felt by multiple parts of the company, you’re creating deep business value for the organization. 

It was clear from my initial conversations with the founders, Kevin (CEO) and Scott (CTO) that Metronome was building the future of how companies monetize. Kevin and Scott bring valuable insights gained from their time at Dropbox, where they experienced the intricacies of billing firsthand. They’ve built an all-star team who have worked at renowned companies including Stripe, Plaid, Confluent, and Elastic. More importantly, every individual at Metronome has the rare combination of intelligence and humility, along with a competitive and collaborative nature. The company culture revolves around a mission-first approach, devoid of ego. 

As a two-time founder and a leader who’s scaled sales at three early-stage startups, I am energized by startups ready to invest in their next phase of growth. The team’s deep understanding of billing, their product approach, and strength of execution has resulted in remarkable traction, despite limited investment in go-to-market efforts thus far. Metronome has defined and built an exciting new market, which has attracted over $35M in venture investment from Tier 1 firms like Andreessen Horowitz (with Martin Casado on the board), General Catalyst, and founders/operators from prominent usage-based companies like Snowflake, Databricks, HashiCorp, Confluent, Plaid, and Twilio Segment.

Today, Metronome calculates millions of invoices every month. Leading companies like OpenAI, Cribl, and Starburst, rely on Metronome to power their operations. Considering the growing trend of usage-based models and the push towards agile pricing and packaging, businesses will increasingly require modern billing infrastructure to support these models. I’m excited to be building out the revenue organization at Metronome and enable more companies to fuel growth with pricing and packaging flexibility. 

Come join us

The next generation of billing software companies must be infrastructure-first and approach billing as a data problem. Adopting a usage-based pricing model requires companies to connect pricing to product usage in real-time–a complex problem that Metronome is uniquely solving for high growth startups and enterprise businesses. With Metronome, companies can launch new products, iterate on pricing, and scale their business models faster than ever before.

If you are hungry to learn and grow, then come join us as we build the operating system for revenue. We’re continuing to expand the team, and I’d love to chat.