In Tempo: August & September changelog

Oct 18, 2023
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Maggie Lin
Product Marketing

Fall is here! As we head into sweater weather and crunchy leaves season, we’re back with updates on what we’ve shipped in August and September. This changelog includes our new docs refresh, expanded data types for data export, and improvements to our integrations, APIs, and UI. 

What’s new 

Refreshed docs site 

We’ve done a complete redesign of our docs! Our goal was to make it easier for both business and technical stakeholders who interact with Metronome and Metronome data to quickly get up to speed on Metronome, easily navigate content, and clearly understand how Metronome works with your existing quote-to-cash process. Updates include a new design, new information architecture, and expanded content. View our updated docs here.  

Data export features and improvements 

  • Export draft invoice data
    Exporting draft invoice data is a highly requested data type that provides daily revenue visibility for use cases including mid-month revenue forecasting, product adoption tracking, and customer health management. For a full list of columns exported, see docs here. Contact your Metronome representative to get started. 
  • Export plan charges to your data warehouse
    View a list of charges and billable metrics associated with a specific plan. This can be helpful for seeing list prices for charges associated with active plans. See data export docs here and API docs here.
  • Export alerts and customer alert history 
    See all alerts and track customer alert history. This can be used to view all alerts enabled, track which customers have hit spend thresholds, and audit alert history. See alert docs here and customer alert history docs here.    
  • Improved data freshness of exported data
    Improved data freshness through investments in speed and performance. Data is now up-to-date within a 3-hour window from when it was exported.

Azure Marketplace integration (beta) 

We’ve expanded cloud marketplace support to include Azure Marketplace. If you’re interested in beta access, please contact your Metronome representative. Docs are also available here

Sync custom fields from Metronome to Salesforce 

Enrich Salesforce records and give go-to-market teams more insight into customer information by passing relevant custom fields from Metronome to Salesforce.  

Infrastructure investments 

  • Shipped enhancements to the invoice finalization flow for customer plan changes. Invoices will now be finalized immediately during the API call rather than after a short delay. 
  • Improved spend threshold alerting system to increase throughput and smooth out rate of evaluations, resulting in steadier traffic for customers. 

API enhancements 

Created a new API endpoint to return a list of customers on a specific plan. This endpoint can be used to batch pricing and packaging changes, identify upsell opportunities, and conduct usage tracking and analysis by plan. Note that this endpoint applies to active plans only. See API docs here.  

UI improvements 

Shipped performance optimizations for faster overall search performance within the Metronome app. 

Get in touch 

Enjoying our changelog? Have feedback on how we can improve it? We’d love to hear from you! To learn more about these features, get in touch with us here or reach out to your Metronome representative.